Friday, July 11, 2008

Cam Taken Down

Greetings all!

I wish I had more time to talk about these wonderful birds, but alas I have been in the field for the last five weeks or so.

We had a very successful nesting season with the finch's fledging two clutches. I have now taken down the cam and we will collect the eggs that did not hatch.

Thank you for all your interest in this project and I  hope that next year that the birds will nest again in the same location so that I can set the cam up again.

Wing Goodale
BioDiversity Research Institute


Jill said...

Thanks, Wing. Was fun to watch the little family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wing, It was so much LESS stressful than the other cams. Those sweet birds were magic... It was good to have a break from the others that I watched.
You did something wonderful for all of us.
Have a great rest of the summer.

Anonymous said...

7/11 5:15pm
Thanks again Wing and family for opening up your private property for us to enjoy these finches - and enjoy them I surely did!! So many interesting things seen and new stuff learned. I learned the word 'filoplume' which is a neat new word I'll put in my scrabble file.

When my daughters were young, we read them a great book called "Two Bad Ants"(I think it was by Chris Van Allsburg- his stuff is very fun and beautifuly illustrated!) and every time I see those 2 eggs in the nest all I can think of is a new story called Two Bad Eggs. Ohhhh maybe I need more to do.

Miss all the cams - it seems like we lost everything all at once. But the outside is teeming with activity.
What's with catbirds this year? Do I just not remember that they're all over? a 'catbird in my dogwood' is fast overtaking 'the door is ajar' as my all-time favorite phrase. I really never remember seeing so many all over my yard - honestly 5 of them in the dogwood yesterday! Is it an irruption?

Thanks again Wing and I look forward to the next magical cam experience.

J in S.P.ME

Anonymous said...

Wanted to let you finch watchers know that there's a great explanation re: color of the male with a great pix of an orange male house finch at a feeder. It's at Go to her blog entry for today and enjoy the color comparisons of the male. Wonder how ALL our finches are doing?

J in S.P.ME